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"There are so many ways that my experience of being in my body has been enhanced by the structural integration I underwent with Joey Lehrer. I didn’t come to him with any major complaints; just a desire to improve my posture and general mobility and stave off injury as I edge towards turning 40. My expectations were more than met. Firstly, I felt far more physically and emotionally grounded after each session. On a physically level, I literally found it easier to stand. I seemed to have a firmer grip on the ground and a better relationship with gravity. On an emotional level, I also felt steadier. Secondly, I learnt things about my body’s structure and different possible movement patterns through the methods Joey used. I have known for years that my posture was a little out of whack. However, I lacked a sense of how else I could stand or sit. Structural integration gave me a new sense of how my body could be aligned.

I was happy to put myself in Joey’s capable hands because of his significant experience as a movement practitioner and in massage therapy, in addition to structural integration. To be honest, I’m sad my 10 sessions are over."

--- Shelley, Senior University Lecturer

"Thankyou for the work you have done with me. It has really been valuable. I particularly found the depth of experience during the sessions to be quite exceptional.. I often had a feeling of being inside my own body of water, kind of like being underwater but contained."

--- Tinuviel, Dancer

"I tried Structural Integration more as a complement to Pilates than to solve a specific physical problem - although before and during the course there were occasional physical 'niggles' that came and went.

I realised at the end of the process that these minor problems had pretty much disappeared. But the most striking result was that my body feels more comfortable and more balanced. My spine feels straighter and more flexible. I believe I stand and walk differently now. I feel better in ways I hadn’t expected or hoped for; even if I don’t develop any major problems or injuries I’ll use SI in future just to keep my body on track."

--- Stephanie, Company Director

"Throughout my experience of receiving the Structural Integration series, I found myself looking forward to my next session, and always curious about what changes I might feel in my body following it. I left each treatment feeling like my whole body had been worked on, even when only a certain area was addressed. As I moved through the series, I noticed that felt I longer and leaner, especially through my centre and the front of my hips. As a dancer and personal trainer, I have noticed that my form has improved in basic exercises, and I feel stronger and safer through my pelvis, back and core. I have more hip mobility and I have noticed a real decrease in the little niggling aches and pains of life!"

--- Lucy, Movement Educator

"Through the 10 SI sessions I have felt increasingly strong and clear in my body. My yoga practice has dramatically improved and there is no sign of an old niggling thoracic injury I've had, which would commonly flare up a couple of times a year.

Joey is a confident and knowledgable practitioner."

--- Grace, Doctor [General Practice]

"Wow, what a difference in my spine, neck and shoulders! I'm very pleased with the postural results and I feel great. The whole process was very enjoyable and beneficial to me."

--- Pia, Dancer

"Structural Integration has enabled me
to live with a little more ease,
gently settling into the home of myself,
calmly filling out my skin,
quietly hugging my bones.

Structural Integration has deepened
my sense
of physical joy."

--- Daryl, Artist / Teacher

"Joey Lehrer has been my pilates teacher for many years so I was pleased when he began offering structural integration massages. I had ten sessions with Joey during which he worked through a series of massages designed to get my body back into alignment. Every session was entirely different, but throughout them all Joey was a thoughtful, professional, kind and skilled practitioner. He always let me know what he was doing and the thinking behind it so I understood the process. At the end of each session I felt incredibly grounded, calm and relaxed, and over the coming days I noticed changes in my body including decreased neck and back pain and a greater feeling of ease when I walked and spend time at my desk. I can thoroughly recommend Joey as a practitioner - he is knowledgeable, respectful and dedicated to helping his clients feel the very best they can."

--- Kirsten, Copywriter

"At first SI seemed like an indulgence with ten 1hr 30min sessions, then as it progressed I realized how fascinating it was as my body was ‘lined up‘. Sometimes it was disconcerting, even a little disorientating, and my Osteopath said ‘it could bring all sorts of things up‘ - which sounded ominous, but he clearly approved. At the end of the course, after a settling period, I am much better balanced. I stand straighter, taller, move in a more fluid way and certainly walk with a spring in my step. I also now understand the term ‘space‘ in relation to your body, I seem to have more room to breathe which is an amazing feeling. So... yes… a good thing to have done and I will continue with the follow up sessions"

---Victoria, Artist

"I came to Joey when my body was in a mess after having two children. I had been going regularly to osteopaths to sort out ongoing issues. After completing all his structural integration sessions I was able to be physical again without throwing my body totally out of balance. I highly recommend Joey's skills as a practitioner."

---Carolyn, Co-Artistic Director / Performer

"I decided to undertake the 10 session Structural Integration series primarily because I wanted to find a sense of flow in my dance practice.  The series helped me to gain an understanding of my body as a unified whole, in contrast to what had previously felt almost like independently operating parts.  Becoming more conscious of these internal relationships through a release of the fascia has since opened the way for me to work into deeper structures (muscles, joints), and I am now beginning to sense that quality of flow and fluidity for which I have been searching. 

The Structural Integration series was the essential beginning to this journey and indispensible to the process was Joey Lehrer.  As a practitioner, I found Joey to be sensitive and honest, and I was quick to feel a sense of trust.  I was constantly asking questions, and I found his responses to be reliable and interesting, and they have helped to steer me down some unexpected paths.  Overall, this was a valuable experience and I highly recommend Joey and Structural Integration to anyone interested in gaining deeper insight into the body."

---Louisa, Artist

"I was referred to Josef by another massage therapist who felt I might gain benefit from a Structural Integration treatment program. After Josef explained the 10 session program we set a schedule and began weekly treatments. I found Josef to be very professional in providing the treatment and explaining the steps along the way. The treatments were relaxing yet interactive as well as educational for me as a patient. Over the course of the program I found myself feeling stronger and standing taller and generally being more aware of my posture and movement. Friends commented to me that I seemed more upright and indeed the before and after photos that Josef took confirmed that. It is not an easy task to tackle years of movement patterns that have built up, and need to be changed, but I am confident the treatment provided by Josef has achieved a change that I will now look to maintain."

---Imelda, Leisure Specialist

"Going on the 10 session Structural Integration journey with Joey helped me to become fully aware of subtle postural habits and tendencies. Joey offered suggestions into how to manage these to create a greater ease of being in the body. Indeed following each session, I felt a greater sense of comfort and equilibrium in the body. As a practitioner, Joey is technically precise, energetically present and just lovely."

---Michelle, Councellor & Yoga Teacher

"I originally sought some advice and assistance from Joey because my (then) ten-year-old son was complaining of constant pain in his feet and legs. My son had been seeing a podiatrist for a number of years but we didn’t feel like much was being done to change the growth patterns of his feet. My son has very flat feet, which cause him to invert substantially, which then causes pain in other parts of his body. We did a few one-off sessions with Joey over about 6 months. These were very helpful but then Joey suggested doing the ten session SI program so that deeper structural issues could be addressed and hopefully my son could grow into a pain-free pattern.

There was a profound change after the first session. My son said he had never felt so relaxed and comfortable in his own body before. By the third session he decided to stop wearing the orthotics and has not used them since. By the fourth session he no longer had any body pain and again, has not complained of any pain since then. I have noticed the change in my son’s body – he stands up straighter, his legs are straighter – but there has also been a big change in his attitude towards to sport and movement. He now actively seeks out sporting opportunities where he used to avoid them, and is generally a much happier, less defensive person.

We would both highly recommend SI with Joey for young people, as Joey has a way of understanding the child without patronizing them. It was overall a very valuable experience for my son."

---Melissa, Acupuncturist

"Joey started working on me mid way through my second year of studying dance at the Victorian College of the Arts. Joey’s extensive knowledge in Structural Integration not only released and realigned some major tension areas in my body but reinforced some body awareness and sensations studied at uni, also helping me understand and settle into a more efficient way of moving. I had never felt as strong, mobile and supported as I do when working with Joey."

---Kaitlyn, Dancer

"Structural Integration has changed my perspective for how I perceive my body. Through the 10 session joey leads you through deep release, a new sense of engagement. The series helps one deal with their natural body patterns and evolve their body awareness in a place to understand how one point of release can stem various sleeves of the body. My body will never be the same again and I am forever thankful. "

---Jonathan, Arts Maker & Manager

"I found Joey to be a really effective practictioner, combining the skills of a Physio Chiro and Osteo all in one. He effectively treated the cause of my ailments rather than focusing on short term fixing of my symptoms."

---Will, AFL Footballer

"What drew me to SI work is my deep fascination with the body. I am always interested in how I can experience more of my own embodiment, use my body more effectively.

I felt a difference straight away. When Joey asked me to walk across the room at the end of the first session, it was as if I was gliding across the floor. I remember going for a run shortly after and being surprised at home much more energy I had. I understand this as having something to do with economics of movement. I really enjoyed my sessions with Joey. He always helped me feel relaxed and comfortable. And whilst I didn’t fully comprehend everything that he was doing, I always went into a very deep place of relaxation. Heaven! I believe my body fundamentally changed over the course of my 10 sessions. I feel longer, prouder and somehow more contained in shape and in movement.

I would recommend SI work to anyone who has any postural issues or is simply wanting to understand and experience their body more deeply and find greater ease and efficiency in their movement."

---Sarah, Sensorimotor Psychotherapist

"It was my first time at Structural Integration and Joey made me feel very comfortable within seconds of talking about my conditions. Many years ago I heard of Structural Integration, whilst attending Teacher Training in Pilates. So far I’ve tried many therapies like Osteo, Bowen Therapy, Physio and Kinesiology and different styles of Massages. This means I experienced many therapists, but I can confidently say that none of them has been as good as Joey. He is very thorough with his work and approach and it made a huge difference to my posture, walking and in my performance as a Pilates Teacher. I always have been fascinated by Fascia, and through each session my body awareness increased more and more, and I felt how my posture adapted and changed over the weeks. It was sad that the sessions came to an end. I highly recommend Joey to anyone. There is nothing nicer, then walking away with a good posture and great body awareness."

---Claudia, Pilates & Yoga Teacher