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SI imageStructural Integration (SI) is a specialised form of bodywork developed by Dr Ida P Rolf. It is a wholistic system of treatment that aims to create better balance within the body, especially with respect to gravity. With restored posture and effective movement, a Structurally Integrated body can accept and work with gravity rather than constantly fighting to overcome it.

 Structural Integration: The 10-session series

Structural Integration (SI) is delivered in a series of ten sessions. This allows time to work throughout, and with, the whole body for better balance front to back, side to side, and inner to outer. In brief:

  • the early sessions open up the ‘sleeve’ of the body
  • the middle sessions give balance to the ‘core’ of the body
  • the final sessions help integrate core and sleeve, as well as other body relationships

Each individual’s journey through the ten sessions reveals their own unique patterns of balance, and how each seemingly isolated part of the body is, in fact, in continuous dialogue with the whole.
See images of clients before & after the series

SI image What will Structural Integration do for me?

From the first session, people often report a greater sense of ease, efficiency and co-ordination in their bodies. This continues as the work progresses – with the person’s structure finding more organisation, balance, span and tone, with respect to gravity. Compensatory and inefficient postural patterns can be unwound in a longer-lasting, more meaningful way. SI can affect other areas of life, beyond just the physical, with people reporting mental calmness and clarity also associated with the SI process.

 Who will benefit from Structural Integration?

There are many people who will find value in this type of treatment:

  • those struggling to find comfort in their daily body postures & movements
  • those trying to resolve compensations from previous injuries
  • dancers or sportspeople wanting more ease in their movements & training
  • those who are just generally looking for a little more from their bodies

tensegrity image Fascia and Support

Fascia, or connective tissue, is found everywhere in the body. Dr Rolf referred to fascia as the ‘Organ of Support’ since all structures in our body - muscles, bones, nerves, organs - are embedded in connective tissue layers and thus supported by it. SI treatments focus on addressing imbalances in the fascia, as it is the element of the body most associated with structural order and disorder. This is because our bodies are tensegrity structures.

 Tensegrity and Structure

Tensegrity structures are ones in which compressive elements (rods) are held apart by the cumulative effect of all the tensile elements (bands). In the case of our bodies, the bones are these ‘rods’ held within the ‘bands’ of the fascial web. If this web is out of balance, it will pull bones and joints out of effective alignment. And as we move, sit and stand, the ever-present force of gravity will only reinforce our structural imbalances.


 What a client says

"Going through the 10 series with Joey was a very grounding, relaxing and enjoyable experience for me. The thing I love about SI is that you are very involved in the whole process as opposed to just lying there waiting for someone to 'fix you'. With Joey's calm and knowledgeable guidance I was able to bring a much deeper awareness into my physical body during the sessions, and also I became aware of the many layers of tension I was holding in my tissues. Each session enabled me to release more and more of that (often quite subtle) tension in my body and mind - always bringing me to a lovely calm and centered state afterwards.

SI imageApart from each session's immediate benefits, the overall improvements in my structure were also impressive. The curves in my spine were gradually eased and in fact I grew half an inch taller! Prior to being integrated I felt a lot of discomfort in my standing posture on a day to day basis and I often felt quite heavy and laboured in my movements. Now when standing, the 'kinks' and pressures in various places have gone and instead I feel the natural unobstructed flow of energy through my body's structure. My dancing also feels lighter and more fluid, and I have noticed that my body's ability to recover and rebalance from minor injuries has improved.

Joey has a very conscious and therapeutic touch and I always felt like he knew exactly what was going on beneath his hands. His suggestions and insights were always valid and beneficial to me and I was able to trust in him completely as a practitioner. I was sad that the sessions had to end!"

--- Pia, Dancer

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