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 More info on CI & its origins/history

There is a great resource page on the Contact Collaborations website. In particular, its article gallery contains two great pieces on the origins/history of CI. One, a talk by Nancy Stark Smith at the Contact Festival Frieburg, 2005; the other, excepts from a talk by Steve Paxton at CI36, 2008.

 Links to more CI stuff in Australia

Keira Mason-Hill is another Melbourne-based CI practitioner, who runs classes and events.

Cecil Street Studio is the home of the CI jam & underscore, as well other improvisational practices

Momentum in Sydney is a collective that organised CI events in Sydney.

ACIC (Australian Contact Improvisation Convergence) is the annual national gathering of CI dancers from across or wide brown land.

<proximity> magazine is a locally produced publication, focusing on Contact Improvisation, movement improvisation and other related forms.